Coding Catchup

Coding Catchup

Coding Catchup is my personal tech blog where I write both technical posts as well as more "devjournal" posts. This is my place to keep myself accountable and give back to the tech community.

I built this using a Gatsby Starter for ease of getting it up and running but also getting my hands dirty with Gatsby and React.

The Ryan Furrer - Portfolio


The very site you are looking at! When I designed and created this site I wanted a simple and clean place to call home on the internet which started with a color palette I liked and ran with it.

This is my 3rd iteration of a portfolio and I chose to stick with plain ol' HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript. Why? Because why complicate things that can be simple and performant?

I really enjoyed getting this project off the ground when I prioritized learning code again in May 2021. I don't think I'll feel that it is truly ever "finished" but I'm proud of the current iteration you are seeing.

Wedding Website

Wedding Website

When I got engaged in December 2019 I just knew I had to create my own wedding website rather than using an online service like minted weddings.

I built this site with HTML and SCSS but chose to use Cloudinary as a CDN for the pictures as there are a good amount of them and I want the site as performant as possible. This was my first time using a CDN and thankfully the documentation made it simple enough to get up and running for my use-case of responsive images.


I am a passionate and energetic community-taught Front-End Web Developer who uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver coding excellence. I have developed multiple websites from scratch, worked in a handful of Wordpress and Shopify sites/codebases, and written 25+ blogs about Web Development and productivity.

I like it better this way as the tech community is a great and wonderous thing. Seeing others in the community succeed keeps me driven, focused, and wanting to learn and build more. Whether it's a Discord server, a Telegram chat group, or virtual friends on Twitter I look forward to interacting with everyone in tech.

I hope you take the time to consider me for your company as I'd bring fresh ideas, high energy, and clean code to your team.

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